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The Computer Packages Patent Management System for corporations and law firms is the best tool on the market for the management of patent portfolios. Logical formats and built-in verifications provide for easy and accurate deadline management, data entry, searching and reporting.

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  WebLinks greatly increases the value of your Patent Management System by giving you direct access from the case on your PMS screen to the same case at the patent office web site.
Information Disclosure Module
  Our optional IDS Module has the following benefits:
  1. Less Cost. References can be downloaded directly from electronic patent office sites. This significantly reduce the tedious job of entering and maintaining your list of citations. The module auto-populates references within the database for single application or related matters.
  2. Document Generation. The module provides reporting functions to efficiently prepare IDS filing requirements.
Automatic Deadline Calculation

Deadlines are calculated automatically based on the prosecution dates for each patent and the country and type of filing. The system is programmed with the required deadlines in each country. You may also program your own automated deadlines and reminders.

Comprehensive Searching

Search on any field or combination of fields in each form in the database.

Flexible Reporting

The systems include pre-defined reports with multiple sort, selection criteria and printing options. Users may also design reports to their exact specifications.

Document Generation

Generate forms and letters containing information entered into your Patent Management System. These documents can be generated as MS Word or Word Perfect® merge documents. The system will keep a history of all documents generated for each case.

Image and Document Linking

Hyperlink to an unlimited number of images and files for each Patent record. Each image associated with a case may be previewed from that case and printed on reports. Users may also link to any file associated with a patent and open that document in its native application.

Integration with the Computer Packages Patent Annuity Payment Service

Clients of Computer Packages' Patent Annuity Payment Service may use the Computer Packages Patent Management System to communicate changes in their patent portfolio to the Annuity Service.

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