General Matters Management System

The Computer Packages General Matters Management System for corporations and law firms is used to manage matters associated with patents or trademarks and the deadlines associated with those matters. Logical formats and built-in verifications provide for easy and accurate deadline management, data entry, searching and reporting.

Tracking of Multiple Matter Types

This system may be used to track several different types of matters and the deadlines associated with those matters. Matters that may be tracked in this database include: Agreements, Oppositions, Litigation, Copyrights and Domain Names.

Comprehensive Searching

Search on any field or combination of fields in each form in the database.

Integration with the Computer Packages Patent and Trademark Systems

Link matters to patent and trademark records stored in your Computer Packages Patent and Trademark Systems. Reports may also be linked to contain information from all three systems.

Deadline Maintenance

Track an unlimited number of due dates for each matter. This includes the capability to create rules-based deadline calculations.

Flexible Reporting

The systems come with pre-defined reports with multiple sort, selection criteria and printing options. Users may also design reports to their exact specifications using MS Access Queries and Reports.

Image and Document Linking

Hyperlink to an unlimited number of images and files for each General Matter record. Each image associated with a case may be previewed from that case and printed on reports. Users may also link to any file associated with a matter and open that document in its native application.