About Us

Serving the Intellectual Property industry since 1968

Computer Packages Inc (CPI) is a privately owned IP management company, with over 50 years experience serving the IP community. The company started in 1968 when our founder, Jerry Van Winter, developed the very first patent management system. Ten years later, in 1978, CPI began providing patent annuity payment services upon request from clients. To this day all products and services are still fully developed in-house, now by the next generation of expert CPI programmers. 

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the most trusted partner in safeguarding clients’ IP assets with innovative IP management software and annuity services.

Client feedback and requests remain at the forefront of inspiration for product development. CPI continues to specialize in IP patent, trademark, and annuity management. Its product suite has been expanded to include IP solutions tailored to improve all aspects of business management.

Unique CPI Advantages

Focus On Quality & Support

We are privately owned. We keep our focus on improving our products, ensuring quality development, and providing ongoing and prompt support. 

In-house IP Experts & Software Developers

CPI has a large team of in-house expert software developers and IP support staff, ready and willing to provide personable support on demand. All CPI products and services include unlimited training and support at no additional charge.

Increased Data Reliability

Unique ability using electronic patent and trademark office data to increase data reliability and completeness and to provide IP landscape analysis worldwide.

Unlimited Users & Storage

Software subscriptions include unlimited users, data analysts and hosting services, infinite storage, real-time patent and trademark office data, and unlimited training/support.

No Forced Upgrades

No forced upgrades. All product versions are supported.

No Long-term Contracts

No long-term contract required. Clients stay with CPI out of choice. Superior features, reliable software, data integrity, and dedicated support are among the top reasons clients chose to stay with CPI year after year.

CPI Climate Commitment

Computer Packages Inc is committed to supporting other businesses in reducing their carbon emissions.

Data Privacy Policy

Computer Packages Inc Data Policy File

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We at CPI are committed to providing continuous, prompt, and high-level personalized service to our clients. Contact us today so that we can address your needs. For product information or training/support requests, please contact your local CPI representative or use the Contact Form below.


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