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Real-Time Patent Management System

CPI’s Real-Time Patent Management System offers full-cycle patent management for all IP organizations. Our signature Real-Time Service Features ensure data reliability and expand your patent portfolio with integrated patent office data in over 100 countries. Reduce workload, accelerate innovation, and streamline deadline management.

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Trademark Management System

CPI’s Trademark Management System provides reliable, comprehensive management for all aspects of the trademark process. To reduce data entry and expand your database, our Trademark Links Module delivers trademark office data and images directly to the corresponding record in CPI.

General Matters System 

CPI’s General Matters System is a flexible solution for the management of licenses, agreements, and other legal matters commonly associated with patents and trademarks. Featuring logical formats and quick links to related IP, the software provides effortless and accurate deadline management, dynamic searching, and professional reports.

Patent Annuity Management

CPI provides trusted annuity management for timely, accurate payment of patent annuities and maintenance fees. Our paperless Annuity Management System equips IP organizations with the necessary tools to perform efficient, electronic annuity reviews and reduce instruction processing. 

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Patent Audit Service 

As an independent service, CPI’s Patent Audit Service provides superior Due Diligence Patent Audits and data reliability assurance for any organization in the IP community. We use a unique combination of electronic data checks and country-specialized analysts to provide quick, high-quality audits at an affordable price. 

The CPI Advantage:


With over 55 years of experience serving the IP community, we have performed numerous successful conversions from various systems and data sources. Our experienced in-house programmers guarantee a seamless transition with minimal work on your end. A dedicated CPI programmer is assigned to each client, to provide personalized support during the data conversion through system delivery and deployment. 


Unlimited training and support for all IP users, regardless of location Dedicated & local support staff are available to provide training in the following languages: English, Spanish, German, Dutch, French, Italian, Russian, Japanese, and Chinese. Fast response times; on-demand support  Personalized and customization training sessions


CPI's features were strategically developed to reduce workload/labor expenses and increase productivity and profitability for our clients. Our goal is for you to maximize your software investment by availing of all features. A dedicated CPI programmer is assigned to your system to provide support, apply maintenance updates, etc., at no additional charge. Unlimited training/support is included with all CPI products and services. Unlimited training by personable CPI employees increases your IP advantage and reduces the time/expenses of training new staff. Ongoing data checking of your bibliographic patent data against patent office data avoids unnecessary patent restoration fees by ensuring deadlines are calculated accurately and annuity payments are made on-time


CPI supports all product versions. We never force clients to upgrade or impose high price increases.


Avail of CPI's built-in document management and IP analytics, or integrate with third-party software of your choosing. We have successfully integrated with a variety of third-party software such as Elite, iManage, IPDAS, Microsoft Sharepoint, Microsoft Power BI, and Tableau, etc.


All CPI products/services are internally developed and supported by experienced in-house programmers. All features work seamlessly and are being successfully used by our clients. We will gladly provide a list of references, upon request.


CPI has a unique ability to utilize electronic patent & trademark office data to optimize all aspects of your IP management. 

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