Patent Audit Service

Data integrity is among the top Best Practices for all organizations and law firms in the IP industry. Our Audit Service emulates optimal data integrity by enhancing the completeness and accuracy of patent portfolios. We verify all patent data provided and populate any missing public data available. We use a unique combination of electronic data checking and country-specialized data analysts to deliver accurate audit results quickly, and at a lower cost.

As an independent service, our Patent Audits are available to any organization within the IP industry. They are especially valuable when handling new client intakes, acquisitions and/or divestitures, as audits ensure database reliability. Results are sent in report and electronic data formats. To further reduce user workload, the electronic file can be imported into any system which accepts electronic file imports.

Types of audit checks available:

Application Status check to avoid accidental loss of patent rights

Find patent cases missing from your database by priority, PCT or assignee search

USPTO Entity status check

Annuity Payment Status (last annuity paid & next annuity due), to prevent loss of patent rights due to nonpayment of an annuity

Determine the current owner and owner address

Provide US assignment history

Find agent (representative) and agent address

Find related cases (continuity data) via CPI's Missing Cases Audit

Find cases with a terminal disclaimer

Verify SPC status

Populate missing bibliographic fields 

Patent Due Diligence Audits

Reliable patent data is vital to successful Acquisitions and Divestitures. Our Audit Service verifies application status, current owner, bibliographic data, annuity payment information, and other related patent data to ensure a prosperous transaction. Due Diligence Audits are prioritized for a guaranteed, quick turnaround.

Porfolio Completeness Audit

Our Audit Service can verify the completeness of your patent portfolio by providing all missing family members and related cases. If you need a patent portfolio built from scratch, we can search for cases based on Assignee name(s) and populate all bibliographic data found per public records. Pricing and timeline depend on the audit requirements. Please contact us for a no-obligation quote and timeline estimate.

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