Annuity Management

Our annuity service has a long-standing, trusted reputation in the IP industry. We are known for our dedicated customer support, data reliability, and successful payments. Safety is our number one priority. We perform extensive and on-going data checks to ensure we have complete and accurate data required for payments.

Our team of country-specialized data analysts review all discrepancies, which secures our data integrity promise while reducing workload for our clients. Our fees are reasonable and proved by our transparent invoices. Transparency is accomplished by providing disclosed and guaranteed exchange rates and itemized invoices.

Unique Features

Dedicated & local CPI annuity specialist assigned to your account, for personalized and prompt assistance without charge.

Increased Safety: we use a unique combination of electronic checking and country-specialized analysts, to reduce your data preparation and labor cost. Data is checked in over 100 countries.

Seamless & automated data transfer from any patent system

Electronic receipt monitoring by CPI

Integration with third-party accounting software

No start-up cost or annual fees

Transparent invoices

No long-term commitment

Complimentary Annuity Management System

Paperless Annuity Management System 


Unique and complementary system for communicating with decision-makers and CPI regarding upcoming payments

Electronic presentation of abstract, claims, drawings, and annuity costs to all decision-makers. Our Patent Portfolio Review organizes annuities by patent family, which eliminates redundancy and increases efficiency in the review process.

Annuity Statistics, Budgeting & Cost Projection reports

Electronic, automated reminder process to reduce workload and ensure decision-makers are constantly updated of upcoming annuities

Our paperless Decision Management tool provides a quality, time-saving review process by various decision-makers.

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