Real Time Patent System

Quality, full-cycle patent management for all IP organizations. A progressive solution for efficiently managing invention disclosures and patent applications. Built in-house by our experienced developers, the software offers state of the art docketing and portfolio management by providing paperless decision management tools, IP analytics, electronic collaboration, and document management. The cloud-based system is mobile responsive and accessible to all entities involved in the IP process, from inventors to outside counsels. 

Built-in data diagnostics provide for seamless and accurate deadline management, IP monitoring, and management reporting. Our unlimited training and support reduces your labor expenses of training new staff, while allowing you to fully maximize your software investment by utilizing all features.

Patent Analysis and Management

Feature Highlights

User friendly

Personalized landing page

Dynamic searching & reporting

Ongoing data checking by CPI analysts in over 100 countries

Electronic transfer of patent office data and legal status information

Portfolio Onboarding

Seamless Data Import & Export functionality

Reliable deadline management

Automatic docketing

IP analytics & data diagnostics

Electronic collaboration, streamlined workflow, and document management

Invention Disclosure Management System & Inventor Awards

Paperless Annuity Management

Forms Generation

Cost Projection & Budgeting Reports

Competitor Monitoring

Integration with various patent office websites

Built-in APIs for real-time integration with third-party software

Take Advantage of World-Wide Patent Data

With our Real-Time Patent Management System, world-wide patent office data is available on-demand for all published patents. Users can easily track and analyze their own patent portfolio, licensed cases, and competitor patents. Integrated statistics on global patent filings, grants, and technology trends allows you to quickly see how your portfolio compares to the IP Landscape. CPI’s Real-time Service offers the following additional benefits:


Added safety of USPTO and EPO due dates using patent office deadlines. Downloaded due dates reduce the risk of missing an office action.

Icon of a Clock

Real-time receipt of vital patent office correspondence. IFWs are automatically uploaded to the corresponding CPI record


Reduced workload and data integrity assurance with ongoing patent data checking/updates in over 100 countries


Competitive advantage using world-wide patent statistics 

Automation = Increased Safety & Reduced Workload

Working in the IP industry causes inherent pressure for docketing staff and attorneys. CPI has built-in features to reduce workload and allow users to complete time-sensitive tasks in an efficient manner. Whether processing newly acquired cases or new-client intakes, our software allows for the efficient onboarding of accurate and complete patent data. The software’s data import modules, One Number Docketing, and INPADOC autocomplete features allow users to maintain a reliable database with minimal data entry. Automated delivery of patent office deadlines increases portfolio safety and reduces your workload.

Electronic Collaboration, Form Generation & Document Management

Our software provides centralized electronic collaboration between the research department, legal staff, and outside counsel. Customizable email and letter templates allow for automated creation of common correspondence and the sending of personalized emails/letters – all saved to the corresponding record in CPI. Ease filing requirements by availing of our USPTO Forms Module to auto-populate USPTO forms with data from your CPI record. Our built-in Document Management provides centralized, organized access to third-party correspondence and documents to all relevant parties. 

Precise Deadline Management

Deadlines are calculated automatically based on the prosecution dates for each patent and the country and type of filing. The system is programmed with the required deadlines in each country. You may also program your own automated deadlines and reminders. Automated docketing is available to reduce workload and increase safety.

Invention Disclosure Management & Inventor Awards

Easily manage unfiled cases within our Real-Time Patent System or take advantage of our integrated Disclosure Management System to increase innovation and improve research reviews. CPI’s Disclosure Management System provides an efficient method of submitting ideas electronically through one centralized IP system. The flexible solution accommodates multiple review processes. Correspondence between researchers, patent committees, and legal staff is centralized in the system’s Electronic Discussion Board.

Our flexible solution for managing Inventor Awards allows you to efficiently track awards granted throughout all phases of the patent process. Users can easily generate sophisticated reports for analyzing Award budgets, innovation trends, and inventor productivity.


Information Disclosure (IDS) Management

Maintaining an accurate list of electronic references is half the battle of handling Information Disclosure Statements. CPI’s solution offers the ability to download references from the USPTO, to reduce the tedious job of entering and maintaining your list of citations. References can easily be copied to related cases for seamless cross-citing of references. Manage supplemental IDSs and auto-populate official IDS forms to efficiently satisfy IDS filing requirements.

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