General Matters System

Computer Packages’ General Matters System offers flexible management of various legal matters (e.g. licenses, agreements, etc.) and their associated deadlines. The software can be seamlessly integrated with the CPI Patent & Trademark Management Systems to link General Matters to associated patent and trademark records in CPI.

Logical programming and flexible fields provide for easy and accurate deadline management, data entry, searching, and reporting


Flexible Matter Management

The software tracks several different types of matters and the deadlines associated with those matters. Examples of commonly tracked matter types include Agreements, Licenses, Oppositions, Litigation, Copyrights, and Domain Names. The intuitive design of the software allows users to track different fields, depending on the type of matter. 

Easily Track Related Matters

The software allows users to relate General Matters to associated records stored in your CPI Patent and Trademark Management Systems. Users can seamlessly link back and forth to/from related matters in any CPI module. Reports may also be linked to contain information from all three CPI systems.

Accurate Deadline Maintenance

Users can track an unlimited number of due dates for each matter. This includes the capability to create rule-based actions, to seamlessly define a sequence of connected steps/events. Trigger events can be set up in whole or part allowing seamless automatic task transfers from one responsible person to another.

Collaborative Document Management

Users can easily collaborate electronically using built-in email functionality and document management features. All correspondence sent from CPI is automatically saved to the corresponding record for reference. The system includes multiple storage locations for all types of attachments, including emails, PDF files, Word documents, images, etc. Attachments can be organized into folders and subfolders, for easy quick and easy referencing of important items.

Dynamic Searching & Flexible Reports

CPI’s software features an intuitive design and user-friendly interface. All fields are searchable and users can search on a combination of fields to quickly find information or export data. The software includes easy to generate flexible reports with multiple sorting, selection criteria, and printing options. 

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