Annuity Service

CPI's Unique Annuity Cost Reduction Service

Computer Packages' Annuity Service is at least 10% less expensive (in total cost) than the other major annuity services.

Our annuity service is the only transparent annuity service. Transparency includes disclosed and guaranteed exchange rate, invoice sub totals by government, agent (if any ) CPI fees.

Unique CPI features which create additional cost savings

  • Dedicated local (US & Europe) CPI annuity analyst available to assist. Unlimited instant assistance without charge.
  • Unique electronic checking of your data to reduce your data preparation and checking cost.
  • Transfer your patent data to our service from any source at no charge.
  • Paperless annuity management.
  • Electronic presentation of abstract, claims and drawings to all decision makers. All this data is provided by CPI from public data.
  • Paperless instructions from you to CPI.
  • Electronic receipt monitoring by CPI with receipt monitoring available to you with CPI software.
For additional information, please contact us or email Cindy Rohrick at