Patent Audit Service

Patent offices have made significant investment in electronic patent bibliographic data sites. CPI has a unique ability to assist you in using this data to improve your patent management.

By auditing directly with electronic patent office data, we provide a unique least cost and highest quality audit.

Use of CPI patent system or annuity service are not required for a CPI audit. We audit from whatever data base you provide us. The result is sent to you as an Excel file and discrepancy report.

This includes:

  • Electronic due diligence audit of patents for divestures and acquisitions. This includes confirmation of status and annuity payment and providing current assignee and assignment history. Links to claims, drawings and prosecution history (PAIR and EPO Patent Register) are also included.
  • Patent Data reliability and completeness audit. The result of this electronic audit is an Excel file and a report specifying all missing data and discrepancies. This audit can be for your complete data base or any subset. Office actions can be included for USPTO and EPO. Links to patent office sites for ease of review are included.
  • Completion of your data base. CPI electronically merges patent office data into your patent system. This includes abstract, USPTO and IPC classes, office actions and any other data you require. Completion also includes finding missing cases in a family.

Due Diligence Audit

Divestiture or acquisition of patents requires reliable information as to status, annuity payment status, correct assignee and assignment history. By providing an electronic audit using patent office sites, we provide a unique fast and accurate audit.

The result of the audit provides you with a confirmation of the accuracy of your data plus specification of discrepancies between your data and the patent office data. Links are also provided to patent office sites for easy access to claims, drawings and office actions. Cost of an audit is dependent on number of cases audited and items requiring an audit. We can audit any number of cases from one to thousands. Please contact us for a no cost estimate.

Patent Data Reliability Audit

CPI can help you assure the reliability of your patent data base with our unique electronic audit. Your existing data will be audited and your records will be completed with missing data. In addition to patent office numbers and dates and status audits, the abstract will be added to your data base. All patent office electronic data is available to you.

Types of audits available:

  • Status check to avoid accidental loss of rights.
  • Find cases missing from your database by priority, PCT and/or assignee search.
  • USPTO Entity status check.
  • Annuity payment status. Prevent accidental loss of patent rights by non payment of an annuity.
  • Determine current owner and owner address.
  • Provide assignment history.
  • Find agent (representative) and agent address.
  • Find related cases (continuity data).
  • Find cases with terminal disclaimer.
  • Verify SPC status.
  • IPC & USPTO classification

Patent Data Completeness Audit

If you have a patent data base which is not or might not be complete, we can audit to find missing members of the family. Also, we can build a patent file based on assignee(s).